Sunday, May 25, 2014

this won't do, what's the matter with you? all it takes is faith and trust... oh! and something i forgot. dust! dust? dust? yep! just a little bit of pixie dust.

Ok y'all. I did it. Please enjoy this photo essay, courtesy of my mama:

before. with the lovely and talented kim.
this is it. don't get scared now.
oh. em. gee.
no. nothing's wrong. this is just what my face looks like.

ta da!
short hair. don't care.

Thanks Kim so much for squeezing me in on Memorial Weekend. I love it so much!

Everyone cross your fingers that I can pull this off without Kim to fix it for me!

Love y'all,

PS: Is it breezy in here, or is it just me?


  1. Who knew that you would look so beautiful!! Change is good! You look much more cosmopolitan ! Now you are my fancy Jessica!

  2. Great look! Smart move! Add India Arie's "I am not my hair" to your list. I admire your attitude, it will truly make a difference - and I appreciate what you're going through right now. I have a book for you that really helped me, I'll drop it off at your mom's.
    Keep it up, Marcy

  3. Hey Jessica,
    My name is Jessica Webster, a really close friend of Kait's. She loves you so much and has told me about your strength in facing this obstacle. You have such a strong support system of all those you know and even those you don't, like me. Your new haircut is wonderful and whatever may happen, YOU are beautiful, YOU are strong and YOU will get through this. I am keeping up with your blog and will continue to send positive vibes and prayers your way.

    Here are a couple songs for your playlist :)
    "Now is the Start" by A Fine Frenzy
    "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree

  4. Jess...YOU are the true essence of the you kid