Saturday, August 27, 2016

I’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll make a million mistakes, I’ll make the world safe and sound for you.

Hello friends,

Hi there. How is everyone? So, after a little over a year I'm writing another blog post. It's been good to return to normalcy and go back to my quiet life. Although, it's not really the same. I'm not the same. Couldn't be if I tried. I still can't say I'm thankful for cancer, but I am thankful for the person I have become as a result of cancer. I'm also thankful it's OVER. More than ever now, it feels like a distant memory. Like another life...

As you know 2014 introduced us to a whole slew of doctors – first a surgical oncologist, followed by an oncologist, and plastic surgeon. After 7 months of chemo and surgery, 2015 rolled around, and we were introduced to a radiation oncologist who finished up the active treatment for the cancer. These doctors took great care of me, and as Dr. O told me last summer, my “prognosis is excellent.”

When we rung in 2016, we became familiar with yet another doctor. This time – a fertility specialist. We ran through tests, either gave or received 77 days worth of hormonal injections, underwent in vitro fertilization with the eggs we had frozen prior to chemo, and we can hardly contain our excitement in telling you that 2017 will now be the year of yet another doctor – a pediatrician. Baby Boy Meehan (or Mini Meehan as we are calling him) is due to arrive this coming January, and we are still pinching ourselves in disbelief. This is really happening, and we are so so excited.

Today I am going through all the stuff that has accumulated in our guest room, soon to be the nursery. I'm finding medical records and bills. I found the University Daily (what they called Texas Tech's newspaper way back when I was a freshman) from September 12, 2001 documenting the tragedy from the day before. I've found old photos, letters, and mementos from my childhood. It's so beautiful to imagine the new things that will fill this room very soon, and imagine the new memories that will be made.

There will be good days and there will be bad days, little man, but all of the things and all of the days will make you who you are. Oh, we can't wait to meet you and find out who you will become!

Love y’all,
Jess (and her boys)

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  1. Congratulations! May your world be filled with continuous joy as you enter your new phase in life, the best, motherhood.,❤️