Tuesday, June 3, 2014

e la canzone ti fa dimenticar soltanto ciò che ti rattrista il cuore e sospirar ti fa...

Have you heard of the song Crapa Pelada? No?

1940s. Italian. Milanese? All you need to know.

One of my old friends, Andrew Koss, sent me this song for my playlist along with about 20 other GREAT songs. Seriously, all so good. Andrew and I sat across from each other on the first day of 4th grade in Mrs. Leger's class, when I was the "new kid". Do you remember that, Andrew?

As I was going through his list, Crapa Pelada came on, and I knew I had heard it somewhere before, but I couldn't quite place it. I did some googling and realized it was sung by Gale Boetticher in Breaking Bad in his apartment right before a visit from Gus Fring.

still no?

This morning I messaged him to tell him thank you for including such a fun song, and to let him know I remembered it from Breaking Bad. Then I got curious. What does the song mean? I don't speak Italian!

Once again, google came to the rescue. Y'all. This song is hilariously appropriate. Listen to the song on youtube, and read the english lyrics at the same time. I'm not sure if Andrew is an evil genius and knew what he was doing, or if he just included it on a whim. Either way, I love it.

Crapa Pelada

(english translation)

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you
The story that drives me to despair
For seven months now, I have watched my hair fall out
Now I'm bald, disappointed, sad;
I don't know what to do about it.
But listen to what he says,
That poor sad man!
Don't complain,
just try to sing
this song with us!
Crapa Pelada made tortellini
he didn't give his brothers any - oh-oh-oh-oh
His brothers made an omelet,
they didn't give any to Crapa Pelada
Crapa Pelada made tortellini
he didn't give his brothers any - oh-oh-oh-oh
Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà.
Badabaddà badabbadà badabba babbarara pirulirulirulirulì
Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà, Crapa pelà.
Paaaaaaa pararappappa pappa paraparapà.
And this song makes you forget
Just those things that sadden your heart and make you sigh.
Who knows if I will ever get my hair back?
Try, try again!
I have tried and retried every sure and suggested cure!
Quinine is a must, but my head is still bald; still bald.
Come on my friend, don't despair!
With bulbomicillina with bayrum and petrolina I tried and retried, but I am still still bald.
Why? I don't know.
Who knows why?
Why? Why? I don't know!
Parapappa parapappa tarattatà parapà parapappa parrappappà parappa pararara pam.
Is it you?
Crapa pelada, Crapa pelada,
Crapà Crapà Crapà Crapà.
Bidibadi bidibadi bidiba bidiba bidibà bidibà bidibà bidibà
parappappà parappa pappa pappa pappappà
Crapa pelada made tortellini
He didn't give his brothers any - oh-oh-oh-oh
Crapa pelada,
with a wig
perhaps you can recover!

Y'all. I know. If you need me, I'll be making tortellini, and sharing it with no one!

Love y'all and your playlist suggestions,

PS: Bonus link for those that want to see Gale sing it.

PPS: I think I'm going to start watching Breaking Bad again from the beginning. Feels appropriate.

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