Sunday, August 17, 2014

if we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate, just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice...

Today I am celebrating many many little things that add up to a whole lot of reasons to be happy. Please, celebrate with me, friends:

First, I am a little nervous to say it out loud because inevitably a few of my chemo's are going to get postponed due to low blood counts, but after getting psyched out three weeks ago with a new treatment plan which changed the halfway point, we have once again climbed back to halfway in terms of weeks! I've been in treatment for 10 weeks, and I have 10 more to go. Milestones y'all!

Second, my sister Kathryn and her family MOVED BACK TO TEXAS THIS WEEKEND. Ok, so they didn't move to my area of Texas, but can I get an Amen for not having to book a flight or drive 14 hours to see them anymore? I was so disappointed when they first switched me to weekly chemo because I knew that meant I wasn't going to get to see them this summer in Minnesota. Now that they are back in Texas, this brings me to happy thing #3:

Kathryn and Blake spent the weekend in Grand Prairie while Kellen, his brother, and his dad did the actual hard work of moving. At first their plan was to drive the whole way from Minnesota to Lubbock with a 13 month old in a car seat. 17 hours. Can you even imagine what that would be like? Sounds like pretty much the worst thing I can think of. So glad that Kellen let us borrow his wife and son for the weekend. It was much needed medicine for me, Kel. :) You're the best. Also, Blake gives, without a doubt, the best hugs ever.

the huge mole makes it's internet debut

Fourth, I got to have lunch on Thursday with a friend of a friend who is a nine year triple negative breast cancer survivor. It was so wonderful to be able to talk to someone who has literally "been there, done that" and gain wisdom and perspective on this whole thing. Yeah, it's scary. Yeah, it's hard. Maybe the hardest thing you've ever done...? But there is hope. This is temporary.

Fifth, and I feel I can't possibly say this with enough enthusiasm to convey how exciting this part of the news is: ACID REFLUX HASN'T BEEN A PROBLEM SINCE WE SWITCHED TO NEW CHEMO DRUGS!!!. Sorry for yelling y'all, but this needed to be shouted from the rooftops. I still have to be careful. I'm still wary of tomatoes and all things spicy, but it is the best news to be able to eat "normal" food and not feel like my throat is being ripped out every time I swallow my own spit. (sorry that's gross) Sigh.......... :)

Sixth, (and this is really a piggy back on 5) the new drugs are so much better. I am so thankful that the treatment plan called for the harder stuff first. Not to say that it isn't hard anymore... the fatigue I feel every day is cumulative. My skin is getting drier. My eyebrows and eyelashes are still falling out. But, you know what? I've had an epiphany about my self image. This is just another chapter in my life. Another type of beauty, and this beauty comes from deep within. You have to earn this kind.

Love y'all oh so much,


  1. Whoo Hooo Jess to all six blessings! Adding up all the good things is such a great model for me. Thanks for the reminder. I'm very happy that your sissy is closer, even if it is Lubbock.
    I want to know if you have ever written for pleasure before. Herb, Dan C and I were talking this week about what a gift you have. Thank you for sharing your gift with us. We are encouraged by you and thankful to see God's spirit heavy on you as you dance. Much love and prayers, Vivian

    1. Thank you, Vivian! I haven't really ever written for pleasure before, and really haven't written anything at all since high school English class. I have really enjoyed using this blog as a therapeutic outlet, and it has been a huge blessing for me to be able to sort through my thoughts and share with people. Add it to the list! I love knowing that people are praying for me, and getting encouragement from friends and friends of friends through comments. Thank you for the compliment and for your prayers!

  2. Ann Gilligan PuleoAugust 23, 2014 at 3:08 PM

    God bless you for sharing your experiences. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way in the healing process. Thank you for not being defined by your disease, but having the faith and courage to walk through it with grace and dignity. The power of prayer, I have learned is exponential! You r and will continue to be in my prayers!