Monday, September 22, 2014

ain't nothing gonna break my stride, nobody's gonna slow me down, oh no, I got to keep on movin'

Feeling low today, friends. The chemo is starting to catch up to me, again. Ever since my week off when I got turned away, I have been feeling pretty darn good for going through chemo. Just a little tired, but really no major complaints... This past Friday (round 10 of 16 for those of you counting along at home) was a little rougher. All of a sudden I am "chemo tired" again. My white blood cells are doing really well now that I am taking the neupogen shot, but my red blood cells and platelets are starting to suffer. This feels like whack-a-mole... Once I get one thing under control, another thing pops up. Come on blood counts, work with me here! Freda, the nurse practitioner even commented this past week about the dark circles under my eyes. I reminded her that I don't wear makeup on chemo days, so she was getting to see the darkest of the dark circles, but unfortunately it's true. I am tired exhausted.

I'm also experiencing my other favorite chemo side affect. This one I refer to as "fair food syndrome." It feels like I have been eating corn dogs for a week straight, and no amount of vegetables can make it go away. Blech indeed. I am hoping this side effect is my own fault... I have gotten cocky recently and started eating tomatoes again. I can't tell if the gross feeling is from my bad decisions, or if it would be happening anyway. Just to be safe, I am benching myself from tomatoes again for the foreseeable future. Sigh...

My newest hobby is watching my head like a hawk for hair growth. I'm a little obsessive... but I am proud to report I have a tiny smidgen of peach fuzz coming in. It has no color, it's not every follicle yet, and you really can't see it unless the light is shining through the hair... but to me it is substantial. The promise of hair again!

Prayer/good vibe requests for today:

Pray for energy. I. Am. Dragging.
Pray for my platelets and red blood cells. Pray that the counts will be high enough for chemo.

As always - pray for complete healing. Complete pathological response.

Love y'all,

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  1. Although I haven't met you, you've been in my prayers. Just knowing your mom and aunt give you street cred with me �� �� keep up the positive attitude, even when tough....I'm convinced that helps the most! Take care!